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Instruction Implementing VAT LAW

Instruction Implementing VAT LAW

February 1, 2017

On 11 January 2017, the Ministry of Finance issued Instruction No. 0077/MOF (“the Instruction”) to implement and further clarify the provisions under the Amended VAT Law No. 52/NA dated 23 July 2014.

Below are the main points covered in the Instruction:

  • VAT registration requirements for foreign contractors in Laos for 90 days and more
  • The applicability of VAT or VAT withholding on the overseas supply of goods plus services
  • The determination of business activities that are operated by state enterprises
  • Confirmation that the importation of goods from special and specific economic zones is VATable in the same way as an importation from overseas
  • Clear instruction that the sale of assets by banks and financial institutions is VATable
  • Confirmation that self-construction activities are VATable
  • Clarification of place of supply rules
  • Further clarification on items that are subject to or exempt from VAT for businesses conducting VAT-exempt activities
  • Further extension of VAT-exempt revenue for banks and financial institutions
  • Further classification of deductible and non-deductible input VAT
  • Clarification on the VAT deduction and refund method

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