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Committee Reconvened to Set Minimum Wage Rate

Committee Reconvened to Set Minimum Wage Rate

May 30, 2017

The Myanmar government has reconvened the National Minimum Wage Committee with new members in the interest of reevaluating the minimum wage rate. The committee is comprised of economic advisors, representatives of government ministries, labor and employer organizations and is chaired by Minister of Labor, Immigration and Population, Than Swe. The committee aims to establish a national level policy for setting the minimum wage. Members of the committee are expected to submit their recommendations and will subsequently deliberate the new rate. The committee will solicit research on the minimum wage to inform their deliberation process by collecting information from employers, labor organizations and other relevant players.

In 2013 Myanmar’s government enacted the Minimum Wage Law along with the Minimum Wage Rules following several months later. However, it was not until two years later that the ruling came into force setting the minimum wage at MMK3600, as it remains to this day. For two years between the passing of the law and its actual enforcement, due to ongoing disputes between employers and labor organizations. 

While it remains unclear at this point is when the committee will come to a decision and the new rate will take effect, the government has made clear of its intentions on raising the minimum wage. Than Swe has indicated he believes this time around the committee will come to their decision more quickly.