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Government Will Soon Start to Accept Proposals for 3 Tendered Airports

Government Will Soon Start to Accept Proposals for 3 Tendered Airports

October 2, 2017

A “market sounding meeting” was held on 29 September to exchange some preliminary ideas on the Government’s tender for the Heho, Mawlamyine and Kawthaung Airports. The Government had earlier launched tender application forms which were available for purchase. Some 50 to 60 companies had purchased the set per airport, with most of the interest going to Heho.

The Department for Civil Aviation is seeking partners in a joint venture or PPP model to finance the renovation and expansion of these airports, as well as to manage the facilities.

Proposals are accepted from Myanmar national companies, or from joint ventures between foreign investors and local partners.

The DCA stated that the evaluation of the tender for these three airports will be done in consultation with international organizations and the evaluation of the tenders will be based on land price, project costs and equipment costs.
Proposals will be accepted starting the middle of October.

In preparation, three committees, namely, Pre – qualification Selection Committee, Evaluation Committee and Tender Committee will be formed. Applicants which have passed the pre-qualification selection will be able to participate in the tender. A Letter of Intent or a MOU between the local company and the foreign company is required to be in the proposal for the tender

The DCA stated that companies with the solid financial statements, audited reports, companies which are complied with all tax compliance requirements prescribed by the IRD and companies with a strong track record will have a better chance of winning the tender.

The DCA mentioned that the concession period can be negotiable based on the investor’s needs and the State’s benefits from the project. Perhaps this will clarified in the Request for Proposal the DCA announced to issue in due course. Draft transaction documents will also be issued in accord with rules and regulations of Myanmar along with the Request of Proposal.