Myanmar keyword: Power Project Approval ("PPA")

May 28, 2021

On 24 May 2021, the Electric Power Generation Enterprise (“EPGE”) under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar (“MOEE”) launched its second solar tender (Tender No. EPGE PV 02/ 2021-2022) in the same fashion as it did its first ever solar tender (Tender No. EPGE PV 01/ 2019-2020) in last year. The new tender […]

January 4, 2021

On 1 December 2020, Cambodia’s public utility the Electricité du Cambodge (“EDC”) launched a tender for the second phase of its National Solar Park project. The first phase, 60MW, had been won by Prime Road Alternative of Thailand after a competitive tender in 2019. Highlights of this note Prime Road is the one to watch, […]

July 30, 2020

The tender launched in May by the Electric Power Generation Enterprise (“EPGE”) for 30 sites totaling 1,060MW in Myanmar made quite a splash and was even subject to an unsuccessful claim by the newly created Myanmar Competition Commission for illegally discriminating against foreign bidders.   Bids were due on 17 July 2020 with reportedly a total of 155 proposals submitted. With controversies now behind them, hopeful bidders awaiting […]

April 29, 2020

As with all sectors of the economy, the infrastructure sector in Myanmar will likely be significantly impacted by the current COVID-19 outbreak. Although there is no nationwide mandated shutdown, delays in construction projects are expected nonetheless. Highlights of this note Force majeure provisions in Myanmar PPAs Entitlements for contractors under construction contracts When to claim […]

February 29, 2020

After decades of highly controversial land acquisitions for public purposes, Myanmar turns a new page by passing the Land Acquisition, Resettlement, and Rehabilitation Law 2019 (Law no. 24/2019, referred to herein as the “LARR 2019”).

February 28, 2018

Despite their high profile presence in Myanmar, there are relatively few Japanese invested energy projects slated as a priority project in Myanmar. For example, the four recently announced LNG/Gas to Power projects which received approval from the Government have no Japanese investors at this stage. This was one of the issues discussed at a recent […]

February 28, 2018

On 30 January 2018 the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) held a ceremony in NayPyiTaw to sign four so-called “Notices to Proceed”, each one for a planned LNG or Gas to Power project, in total nearly 3,000 MW. Highlights Highlights of this note What is a Notice to Proceed? Why a Notice To Proceed […]

January 31, 2018

Highlights of this note What is causing delays? But it is also a question of focus How do we fix this? Was the MOA abolished? MOEE and EPGE both sign the PPA? Draft and negotiate the MOA or the NTP and the PPA at the same time? Standardize the all power documents? Create an Inter-Ministerial […]

October 2, 2017

On September 13th, VDB Loi participated in the 5th Euromoney Myanmar Global Investment Forum in Nay Pyi Taw. Edwin Vanderbruggen was featured as the keynote speaker on the electricity panel, which addressed a number of concerns among the business community in this rapidly expanding sector. Amongst investors’ questions were which power sources are the most viable […]

September 15, 2017

As Myanmar increasingly liberalizes, decentralizes and opens its power sector to foreign investment, foreign IPPs are faced with a legal and regulatory framework that is in full transition.

April 25, 2017

Myanmar may be on the verge of a completely new energy landscape offering exciting opportunities for international investors. In coming months, a new energy master plan is expected to be revealed for the Yangon Region – which accounts for almost half of all electricity produced across the country. Highlights of this note Evolution of the […]