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April 2022


How Does Bangladesh’s Blockchain Strategy Look Like?

With a booming economy, Bangladesh is set to become a middle-income country within a few years. To ensure easy access to governmental services, Bangladesh has converted the majority of...


Importers/Exporters can request approval to buy USD through the Ministry of Commerce

[From our Banking and Finance Team - Myanmar Office]

In accordance with the notification issued by the Central Bank of Myanmar on 3 April 2022 regarding the conversion of USD into MMK within... 

Summary of Recent Notifications and Directives Issued by the Central Bank of Myanmar

[From our Banking and Finance Team - Myanmar Office]

On 3 April 2022, the Central Bank of Myanmar (“CBM”) issued two regulations to be aware of—Notification No. 12/2022 (the “Notification”) to all Myanmar... 

Rules on Electronic Signatures in Bangladesh

[From our Bangladesh Office]

In this age of automation, digitalization, and globalization, signing a document remotely or electronically is gaining momentum across the world, with various business deals... 

Regulatory & Licensing Guidelines for Satellite Operators in Bangladesh

[From our Bangladesh Office]

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (“BTRC”) has issued a new licensing regulation named “Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulation (Licensing) 2022” (The Regulation) whereby service providers are... 

How to Apply for a Certificate of Residence from the Internal Revenue Department of Myanmar?

[From our Taxation Team - Myanmar Office]

Myanmar has double taxation agreements (“DTAs”) in force with eight countries: the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, the Republic of Korea, and... 



Land rights advisory in Cambodia: The legal team assisted on successful negotiations with the Ministry of Economy and Finance involving a complicated transfer of leasehold rights.

Financial expertise in Myanmar: Our Banking and Finance team assisted the Myanmar branch of a foreign bank on the amendment of LIBOR-benchmarked loan documentation for a loan to a large international hospital operating in Myanmar.

Renewable energy in Bangladesh: The Dhaka team will be assisting a Japanese trading company with exploring the purchase of a renewable energy project in Bangladesh.

Resort acquisition in the Lao PDR: The Lao team assisted the partners of a resort in the Lao PDR on its sale, including advising on the Lao law requirements and negotiating with the buyer.

Telecommunications and media services in Vietnam: VDB Loi advised on a mobile gaming development project in Vietnam, including on market entry and the establishment and licensing of the project company.