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March 2022


VDB Loi Cambodia Wins IFLR Asia-Pacific National Law Firm of the Year Award

We are so proud to announce that VDB Loi Cambodia has won the IFLR Asia-Pacific National Law Firm of the Year award for 2022, which recognizes the legal innovation...


Acquiring a Bangladesh Renewables Project During Its Development Phase: Which Projects Are Available for Investment or Acquisition? What Are the Key Things to Know?

[From our Bangladesh Office]

We are aware of at least 10 to 12 renewable power projects which have some kind of Government preliminary approval, but which have not... 

Evolving Market Practices in Myanmar for Outstanding Commercial Loans

[From our Laos Office]

In this note we discuss the evolving legal and regulatory practices with respect to the pre-existing loan arrangements in light of the cash flow... 

Central Bank of Myanmar | New Notifications Allow Baht/Kyat Direct Payments at the Thai-Myanmar Border

[From our Banking and Finance Team - Myanmar Office]

The Central Bank of Myanmar (“CBM”) issued two notifications on 3 March 2022 providing permission and guidelines for Baht/Kyat direct payments at the Thai-Myanmar... 

Trade Department Adds to the List of Goods Requiring an Import /Export License

[From our Corporate M&A Team - Myanmar Office]

Recently, the Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce issued Newsletter No. 2/2022 for additional items requiring an import license. This follows previous action... 

The Ministry of Finance Postpone the Deadline for Submission of the FY2021

[From our Laos Office]

The Ministry of Finance of the Lao PDR is aware of the difficulty in submitting the FY2021 financial statements due to the new wave... 

Have You Calculated the Personal Income Tax Reliefs and Allowances Correctly for the 2021-2022 Six-month Interim Budget Year?

[From our Taxation Team - Myanmar Office]

As required by Notification 510/2021 issued by the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Industry, when calculating Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) for the six-month interim... 



500MW solar power project in the Lao PDR: The Lao team is providing start-to-finish assistance on a 500MW solar power project for the major investor, a leading Chinese IPP in the renewable energy sector.

Tax audit services in Cambodia: Our expert tax audit team is assisting a major microfinance institution with a complicated comprehensive tax audit.

Acquisition of 3 greenfield power projects in Bangladesh: The Bangladesh team has been asked to assist a Chinese energy company with the potential purchase of several renewable power projects. The team will advise on a wide range of local issues.

Licensing of energy projects in Myanmar: The Regulatory team is assisting an Asia-based energy player with the licensing of for their solar power projects in Myanmar.

Employment and tax expertise in Vietnam: The Vietnam team is providing advice on the tax implications of an ESOP for the client of a leading regional law firm.