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October 2023


Our Yangon Office: New Address

As of 31 October 2023 , the new Yangon office address and contact numbers are:1st Floor, No. 112-114, Bogalay Zay StreetBotahtaung Township, YangonTel: +951 837 1635Fax: +951 837 1902


Multiple Large-scale Projects, Including Several BOT Initiatives Approved by HCMC People’s Council

[From our Vietnam Office]

On September 19, 2023, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Council held a direct thematic meeting to discuss important issues related to Resolution 98/2023/QH15 (“Resolution... 

Eurocham, Amcham and VDB Loi meet with GDT to help fix tax issues for foreign investors in Cambodia

[From our Cambodia Office]

VDB Loi’s Edwin Vanderbruggen and Laysym Sim facilitated the technical input at a consultation between Eurocham, Amcham and the GDT on 5 October 2023... 

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Turbulence Ahead for the Taxation of International Airlines in Cambodia

[From our Cambodia Office]

If you think air travel already got too expensive, you will not be happy to hear that ticket prices to and from Cambodia might... 

The Lao Government Increases Excise Tax Rates

[From our Laos Office]

On 9 October 2023, the Government of the Lao PDR issued Presidential Edict No. 003/P to increase some of the excise tax rates in... 

Increase in Registered Capital Requirement and Other Changes to the Banking Rules Under the New Commercial Bank Law

[From our Laos Office]

On 30 August 2023, the new Commercial Bank Law (Amendment) No. 39/NA dated 17 July 2023 (the “New Bank Law”) was promulgated by the... 

Increased Oversight over Commodity Markets with the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission’s New Rules

[From our Bangladesh Office]

The framework consists of 66 rules along with various forms and exhibits, aimed at ensuring a level playing field, efficiency, transparency, and orderliness in... 

New “Public Interest Entity” Category Introduced in Bangladesh 

[From our Bangladesh Office]

The latest regulations introduce a novel concept, defining a “public interest entity” based on the minimum workforce employed. According to the FRC, for a... 

Updated Customs Regulations on the Horizon for Bangladesh

[From our Bangladesh Office]

The draft Customs Bill of 2023 aims to establish fiscal responsibility and transparency in the collection of import revenue and the facilitation of trade.... 



Land due diligence in Bangladesh: VDB Loi Bangladesh is assisting an Asian construction company with land acquisition due diligence services for its project in the country.

Comprehensive legal and tax advisory in Cambodia: VDB Loi has been engaged by a leading Chinese law firm to provide comprehensive legal and tax advice on EPC documents and establishing branches in Cambodia for its client.

Hydropower development in Laos: VDB Loi Laos is advising a Thai company, one of the developers of a 1,400MW hydropower project, with its acquisition of an equity interest in a Lao hydropower developer.

Tax expertise in Myanmar: Our expert tax team provided support to a cargo and freight company in Myanmar with tax analysis and transfer pricing documentation preparation.

Renewable energy work in Vietnam: VDB Loi has been engaged by a leading Chinese law firm to provide a legal environment report on the renewable energy industry in Vietnam for its client.


Edwin Vanderbruggen on the growth outlook for Cambodia in 2024

Edwin Vanderbruggen, VDB Loi Senior Partner, is quoted in the Khmer Times, commenting on the recently released IMF economic growth projection for Cambodia for 2024. Read the article here.