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May 2021


Share Transfers in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam: Capital Gains Tax Perils, Registration Pitfalls, and Offshore Indirect Transfers

Highlights of this note Some pitfalls in registering an offshore sale of shares in a Cambodian company Frequent disputes on the 0.1% stamp duty for share transfers in Cambodia...


Special Permit to Travel in and out of Vientiane Capital during the Lockdown Phase

[From our Laos Office]

On 10 May 2021, the Division of Health of Vientiane Capital (“DH.VTE”) issued Notice No. 378/DH (the “Notice”) requiring that those wishing to travel... 

All Employers Need To Re-Register With The Labor Authority In Cambodia

[From our Cambodia Office]

On 31 December 2020, the Cambodian Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (“MLVT”) announced the launch of its automated online portal for labor-related services... 

Cash Withdrawal Ceiling for Microfinance Institutions

[From our Banking and Finance Team - Myanmar Office]

The Financial Regulatory Department (“FRD”) issued a letter on 19 May 2021 which requires licensed microfinance institutions (“MFIs”) to provide one-time information to the... 

VDB Loi Litigation Team Bags Historic Win: First Myanmar Court Enforcement of Foreign Verdict in Major Arbitration Case

[From our Dispute Team - Myanmar Office]

Recently a district court in Myanmar has granted an execution order to approve enforcement of a foreign court judgment against defendants in Myanmar. The... 

Myanmar Issues New Solar Tender for 240-480 MW

[From our Energy and Infrastructure Team - Myanmar Office]

On 24 May 2021, the Electric Power Generation Enterprise (“EPGE”) under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar (“MOEE”) launched its second solar... 

Draft Circular on DPPA for Renewable Energy Project to Collect Public Opinions

[From our Vietnam Office]

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (MOIT) HAS recently released THE second draft circular regarding the implementation of the pilot program for... 


Natural gas expertise: VDB Loi’s Energy team has been engaged by a leading Asian research institute to advise on the regulatory and policy framework for natural gas pipeline projects in Myanmar.

DTA relief and expatriates: VDB Loi has been engaged by a regional oilfield services company to advise on the personal income tax implications for its expatriates deployed to Myanmar, including possible DTA relief.

Tax advisory on solar power project: Our team is advising a contractor on one of the largest solar power projects in Myanmar on the tax implications of its new contract.

Tax compliance for oil & gas: The Tax team is handling all tax compliance for a company providing LNG regasification services in Myanmar.

Liquidation services: The Regulatory team is handling the regulatory and tax aspects of the liquidation of a multinational analytics company

Acquisition of power plant: Our Cambodian team is presently working hard on the proposed purchase of 100% of an operating power plant.

Winding up of multinational group’s companies in the region: Following a strategic decision, the local subsidiaries in Cambodia and Myanmar of a multinational company in the services industry will be dismantled. VDB Loi’s teams in these countries assist with corporate, tax and employment issues.

Tax structuring advice: Our Vietnam team is assisting a multinational company with regulatory and tax structuring advice for an animal feed manufacturing plant set up in Vietnam in terms of tax efficiency and cash repatriation purposes

Licensing for a mobile gaming project: Our Vietnam teams assist a US based mobile gaming developer to incorporate a subsidiary in Vietnam. We do corporate advice, licensing, tax compliance issues.